Red Vault Rewards


The FIFA 18 rewards, as advertised, are valid for the first 430 Red Vault members that buy FIFA 18 and scan the QR code.  Alternative FIFA rewards will be granted for all FIFA 18 purchases by Red Vault members subsequently. The validity of the rewards and their expiration are as per the policies of the publisher of FIFA 18


Bigger Than Black Friday Sale

The Bigger than Black Friday promotion, as advertised, is valid between November 19th and December 2nd, 2017. The offer is only available to individuals that have downloaded the most recent version available of the Red Vault app as of November 19th, 2017. The price discounts advertised in percentage terms are in comparison to original selling price prior to the start of the promotion. In certain instances, the price is in comparison to the selling price at the time of the release of the title/game. The price discounts are only valid in select retail stores, as advertised with the Red Vault app. Red Vault is not responsible for availability of titles in any of the participating retail stores. The validity of the reward and the expiration are as per the policies Red Vault.